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Nowhereman’s beer vision is simple; make exceptional beers that showcase fresh flavours and the quality and depth of beer. Our 1800L brewhouse was custom designed and built in San Diego California by craft brewing pioneers Premier Stainless. Our attention to detail in the design and installation phases make it both a stunning showpiece and reliable workhorse for impeccable and consistent beers.

Nowhereman’s range showcases a range of flavours and styles to provide all year round deliciousness while our limited releases keep things exciting with experimentation, seasonal fun and amazing collaborations.

LEEDERVILLE LAGER | German Pilsner |
Clean easy drinking lager, light coloured beer with classic German hop character

MILD ONE | Mid-strength|
Classic all day/ all night draught

Tropical hops exude from this light coloured and very sessionable pale ale.

US hops with strong piney and citrus and mango notes. Bitter with a hint of spice and dryness.

ON THE D.L | Dark Lager |
Subtle Fruit and grass on the nose, Light tobacco and notable bitterness round out this classic

Tropical fruit, citrus and solid bitter finish. Named after our head brewers first daughter.

Cherry Psycho | Sour IPA|
60kg of sour and dark cherries were blitzed, along with a protective layer of dry ice to make sure nothing nasty made it in, before being added into the fermenter. A carefully selected trio of hops, Calypso, Simcoe and Brambling Cross, were used during dry hopping. The beer is a vibrant ruby red with subtle grapefruit, pear, cherries and a hint of sour funk on the nose. A refreshing tartness up front is followed by rich cherries, a little earthiness and a dry, fruity and well-rounded finish.

Passionsour Pop| Passionfruit Sour |
A collab with Ballistic Brewing (QLD) and Helios Brewing (QLD) to make a passionfruit sour using 100kg of passionfruit. Vibrant passionfruit on the nose leads into moreish tartness, fresh fruit and a spritzy mouthfeel.