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Multi award winning Head Brewer Paul Wyman has crafted some of Australia’s favourite drops and has now turned his attention to doing the same at Nowhereman. Bringing years of experience and a suitcase of medals Paul is again making stunning beers on his brand new 18HL US build brewhouse.

With a range of Lagers, Ales and inbetweens Nowhereman’s core range and seasonal beers have something for everyone.

Our Album

The full range. Designed just like an album, to be enjoyed start to finish
Pilsner | 4.2% | 5 - EBC | 25 - IBU Leedy Lager
Clean easy drinking lager, light coloured beer with classic German hop character with a hint of fruit that is balanced by a good bitterness.
Steam Beer | 4.1% | 19 - EBC | 35 - IBU Oxford St Common
This malt driven, warm fermented lager pours a beautiful amber colour reflecting the depth of malts used to layer this beer. The fruity/grassy bouquet is balanced out with decent bitterness, making it a moreish sessionable beer.
Saison | 5.5% |10 - EBC | 15 - IBU Six Seasons
Classic deep golden beer colour, with a gentle bitterness and flavours that are all yeast driven. Meaning all the aromas come from esters that are produced during fermentation at a warm temperature. Resulting in a dry traditional Belgian beer with characters of banana, bubblegum, straw, hay, pepper and clove with a hint of musk.
US Pale | 4.6% | 25 - EBC | 50 - IBU Crate Digger
One for the hop heads, stacks of US hops have been used to punch you in the face with strong dank piney and citrus notes. Speciality malts are apparent from the deep copper colour and help complement the rich back palate with bitterness with a hint of spice and dryness.
Dark Lager | 5.2% | 65 - EBC | 32 - IBU On the DL
Subtle Fruit and grass on the nose from the Saaz hops, before a haven of earth and wood take you on a trip to a cabin in Bavaria. Light tobacco, subtle choc and notable bitterness round out this all day dark lager.

Our Singles

Just dropped limited releases, too crazy for the album and occasionally released with our collaborators
Coffee Brown | 6.6% | 37 - EBC | 30 - IBU By The Pound
Brewed with Myaree’s Pound Coffee Roasters, this collaboration is a match made in heaven. Owner/Head Roaster - Justin dropped 100L of his delicious coffee into our already epic English Brown Ale. The result is a moreish chocolate/coffee brown ale, with subtle fruity/nutty flavours from the coffee that lifts the beer to another level. The maestros settled on a blend of three different single origin coffees, which is now our house blend for our black filtered coffee. Why not order both at the same time and appreciate what these two dreamed up.
Marzen | 5.9% | 21 - EBC | 30 - IBU Festbier
This our take on the classic Oktoberfest brew, the Marzen. It is German for March, for when this beer used to be brewed and then cellared for six months. Then released just in time for the traditional Oktoberfest celebrations that start in late September. The lagering/cellaring process aided in helping settle yeast out of the beer, resulting in a clean, clear, crisp beer. This lager is no means lacking in flavour though with the copper/orange colour coming from the use of speciality malts and providing a base sweetness to the beer. We put our spin on the classic by adding a touch of Beechwood Smoked malt, traditionally from Bamberg. The smoke compliments the toffee and floral aromas on the nose, while classic German hops give you distinctive grass and spice notes in the mid palate all rounded out with a good bitterness. This is a full flavoured, easy drinking lager but watch out for the higher ABV which might sneak up on you just like a day at Oktoberfest in Munich!