If you're nice we might tell you


Opening Hours
Wednesday: 4pm – Tenish
Thursday: 4pm -Tenish
Friday: 4pm – Midnightish
Saturday: Midday – Midnightish
Sunday: Midday – Nineish
The kitchens open whenever we are 🙂
Closed Monday & Tuesday to make & drink beer

Train: Nowhereman is a short walk from Leederville Train Station & a slightly longer, but still short walk from City West Station. With two trainlines covered there’s no excuse not to smartride all up in here.

Bus: Cat Bus, Cat Hospital? They’re opposite each other, coincidence? we doubt it. The Green Cat runs from Elizabeth Quay to Leederville Station regularly, and for FREAKING FREE! Ride smarter, ride free.

Bike: Seriously, we’re on several bike paths, including the awesome one on Freo Train Line. We’re The City’s Western convergence of bikeness. We love all bikes here, we just wish we didn’t sell our BMX for beer.

Taxi and Uber: Get an app or wave your hand, both are simple, both will stop you drink driving. Relax without a car all up in your grills.